12 Bulk Pack, 2” x 5 Yards, Self-Adherent Cohesive Bandage Tape, Strong Sports Tape for Wrist, Ankle Sprains & Swelling, Self-Adhesive Bandage Rolls, FDA Approved, By California Basics

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Manufacturer Description

California Home Goods is a homegrown brand dedicated to bringing you quality lifestyle essentials. And while we want to make your lives easier, that also means we value your health and safety. That's why we're proud to introduce to your our Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Value Pack.

Our very own adherent cohesive bandage rolls are strong self adhering tapes that offer excellent support for various parts of your body. As these elastic wrap bandages are made from a premium quality soft and stretchy fabric, you may definitely use them as first aid wrap for minor sprains, medical bandage wrap for after-surgery support, or as a regular sports wrap tape.

?? SELF ADHERING BANDAGE WRAP NEEDING NO PINS & CLIPS! Unlike non adhesive bandages, our self adherent wrap tapes will not slip and will stay in place, eliminating the need for frequent readjustments.

?? ELASTIC WRAP BANDAGE IN THE PERFECT SIZE: Each stretch bandage roll has a width of 2 inches and can go as long as 5 yards when stretched.

?? ELASTIC TAPE MADE FROM MEDICAL-GRADE MATERIAL: Our self adherent cohesive bandage wraps are made from a material that is water-resistant, soft, flexible, and can be torn even without scissors.

?? VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: Each adhesive bandage roll pack includes 12 rolls of self-adhesive wrap bandages in natural brown color.

?? VERSATILE BANDAGE TAPES: Use our self adhesive medical wrap bandages for sprains, swelling, soreness, and more.

?? SAFE ELASTIC BANDAGE WRAP: To ensure your protection, our stretchy bandage wraps are sterile and individually wrapped

Be confident to move and do what you want even with body injuries with our flexible bandage wrap tape, stretch tape, coban wrap, or self adhesive bandage rolls. Buy this 12-piece Cohesive Bandage Roll Value Pack from California Home Goods now!

Product Features

STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE: The California Basics bandage is a strong self-adherent tape that offers excellent support. It will not slip, eliminating the need for frequent readjustments. Unlike non-adhesive bandages, self-adherent tape does not require clips and pins to stay in place. Material is water-resistant and will not easily come loose by sweat or water. ELASTIC AND COMFORTABLE: Stretchy fabric is soft, easy to wrap, and can be torn without scissors, making it practical to take with you anywhere. Use for sprains, swelling and soreness. LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Porous fabric allows for ventilation so the skin can breathe underneath, which is good for the skin and better for healing. Made from natural rubber latex. WILL NOT PULL SKIN OR HAIRS: The cohesive property of the bandage means it will adhere very well to itself but poorly to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it pain-free to pull it off and change bandages. SET OF 12: Value pack, each roll is individually poly bagged and measures 2 inches in width and 5 yards in length. Use to protect any body part; works well on ankle, wrist, finger, toe, elbow and knee. Also safe for pets.a

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