Bunion Care Set by Dortz - Bunion Corrector & Gel Bunion Pads - Bunion Splint for Bunion Relief - Bunion protector Bunion bootie - Storage bag for Set

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Manufacturer Description

Are you tired of suffering from hallux valgus deformite?   Enough suffering from pain and discomfort.
Best doctors recommend bunion care set to reduce bunion pain.

These premium bunion splints are designed by professionals to reduce bunion pain and get you back to a normal life. Bunion splint is a modern medical product for correcting deformation hallux valgus your foots. Those device provides maximum comfort due to ergonomic design replicates the anatomy of your foot.
The design of three adjustable straps, a built-in metal plate and a soft silicone pads provides tangible relieve of the pain in the area of the big toe. It is the best toe straightener and most comfortable hallux valgus treatment splint you can use these bunion pads during the day, and night.

Our Bunion corrector - the best type of corrector bunion, which you can choose for yourself because of its advantages:

  • effectively reduces pain in the feet

  • provides natural foot alignment

  • comfortable and easy to use

  • only high quality materials

  • metal rof design for comfortable walk

  • bunion corrector for round-the-clock use

  • easy to wash and use for a long time

  • bunion splint is suitable for men and women and has 3 adjustable straps

  • includes set of 5 pcs per pack)

  • effective bunion guard

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    Product Features

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN & QUALITY MATERIALS: these orthopedic bunion correctors are made from high quality materials such as medical textiles, silicone, plastic and built-in metal plate are used. Tailors bunion are comfortable and easy to use. Modern design replicates the anatomy of your foot and gives them a natural shape. STOP BUNION PAIN: bunion care set developed by the best orthopedists and surgeons and provides corrective relief and relieves hallux valgus pain. It also provides effective toe correction and bunion relief by using a bunion splint. This item prevents hallux valgus from developing. 24 HOURS: it is recommended to use these bunion pads during normal house activities, during the day, and night. The design of bunion corrector allows your toes and feet to move in a natural way while maintaining their alignment. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Dortz tries to satisfy the wishes of each customer. We highly appreciate your gratitude and trust. We are sure that our bunion support will solve your problem and you will become our next satisfied customer. RELIABLE PROTECTION: protect your foots with our selected 5 pieces set. Our product is designed for bunion sleeve and bunion aid. One size for feet of any size. This gel bunion pads and bunion splint can be worn discreetly under shoes, socks, and stockings for undetectable protection. Can be worn in all kinds of shoes including your most elegant pair.

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