Professional Athletic Tape for Elite Athletes Sports & Athletics - White Medical Grade Tapes to Wrap Finger Bat Prewrap (Bulk)

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Product Features

? PROFESSIONAL GRADE -Forget low quality stability tapes, and get the BEST with 1st Elite! Anyone who knows proper protection knows that we've done it right, and for the right price. ? PUT ME IN COACH -1st Elite's premium 100% Cotton based Athletic Tape is your premier choice in joint protection. Latex free, our self adhesive wrap is easy on skin and offers a tensile strength that really safeguards your most vulnerable joints! Beware of the cheap zig zag tapes- they tear too easy and aren't strong enough for the HARDCORE user! ? ALL FOR ONE -No matter if you're the coach, personal trainer, or just an everyday athlete, our ten yard spools are sure to last while offering reliable rigidity to sensitive fingers, ankles, knees, toes and joints. Perfect for gymnastics, jiu jitsu, football, boxing, baseball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, hockey, weight lifting, crossfit, yoga, lacrosse sticks, pole vault and any sport! ? STAY PUT -While some tapes offer too much stick irritating the skin and others just won't stay in place, we've given our remarkable tape the perfect amount of sticky adhesive. It stays in place, but won't be a hassle to remove (we always recommend using pre wrap or underwrap)! ? GUARANTEED -Best of all, we're always here for you! If we don't meet your needs, all you have to do is let us know. It's really that easy. You'll never be told you can't return or be refunded here!

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